Are we really evolving?

Are we really evolving or just thinking that we are evolving?

If we are evolving as a species, then why is there still suffering and pain? Shouldn’t our basic living conditions be satisfied till now? Shouldn’t it be the case that we don’t have to worry about root chakra.

After years of living lives and after having so many generations live on this planet, one would think that we have it all figured out. At the very least, we would know what human beings want, and how to get it on this planet, but you would be surprised.

Me after having spent 30 years of my life on Earth know that the bare basic is that we need fresh air to breathe, fresh water to drink, nutritious food to eat, protection from extreme weather, protection from getting diseases and poison. If these are fulfilled, one can spend their lives in a much better way.

One would assume that since we all have “evolved”, and we have spent years here, we would know that if everyone just had these basic needs fulfilled, they won’t want to do harm to each other. After all, if one has everyone that they need, there wouldn’t be a need to murder each other.

Notice that the word is need instead of want. Need is something that is required whether you want it or not. Want is something that one’s heart desires, whether they need it or not. For example: One might have a normal card, and they WANT a fancy car, but it isn’t what they NEED. On the other hand, if someone has only a cycle, but due to extreme weather, they aren’t able to go to their work place, then a car is something that they NEED and not what they WANT. Of course, needs and wants can overlap, but there is a clear distinction between the two.

Now, since we know what is needed for basic survival, and we humans have become collaborative, it is obvious that we should work together as a group to have all the resources required for basic survival together. If we do that, we can live simpler lives where we don’t have to compete with each other for the resources. If we all work together, we can all share the resources easily. BUT, and a big one, this isn’t what we are all doing.

Instead of sharing the resources, we are all fighting for our own piece of the pie. We are just earning money and throwing it in hopes that we will have the resources that we need. We have been trained that we can acquire resources with money. The real resources have been replaced with money and now money has become the only resource that human beings want to acquire. Have you ever seen any other species do that? Any other species fighting over paper? It’s ridiculous!

In a society, each has their own set of skills. Everyone has the ability to offer or do something that the other people in the society cannot. Using these skills, we can all source different materials, and contribute to the society. Instead of 10 people working together to having wider fishing nets to share the food, we find 10 people having 10 small fishing rods fighting over one place to fish. That is ABSURD!

Instead of working with people around their area to make their area better, people travel distant places to earn money to increase the size of their own homes. Where is the collaboration and working together? Everyone is just worried on what size of food is going to be put on their own plate and neglecting what is there on the plate of people who live besides them.

Some of us are blessed, while others aren’t. We all have to share the same planet with each other. Instead of fighting over the same things, can we not just share it instead? No one owns anything, and hence, no one has the right to “own” anything. Everything belongs to us humans, only if we can come together as a family. As they say in Sanskrit – “Vasudeva Kutumbhakam”.

Are we really evolving?

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