Junk Food
You become what you consume

The title might sound weird and might sound obvious to some. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s have a look at how the mind and the body work so that we can understand what consuming means and how it shapes your life.

How the body works

If you eat a carrot, your body will absorb the nutrients in this carrot and spread it across your body. If you eat junk food, your body will absorb the nutrients from that junk food and spread it across your body. If you eat a medicine, the chemicals are processed and then sent to the required places for relief.

That being said, if you eat a carrot, you CANNOT expect it to act like a medicine for let’s say pain relief. No matter what you do, you will only get the result of what you consume. That is how your body works.

How the mind works

The functioning of the mind is very similar to that of your body. You will only be able to understand the world based on the inputs that are given to your brain. There are 5 senses in your body and information about the world is perceived through these senses.

Let’s assume there are two people. One of them is completely color-blind, meaning that he can only see the world in black, white and gray. The other person is a normal person who can see all the colors of the visible spectrum. When they start talking about the color of the leaf in front of them, one would say it is gray and the other would argue that it is green.

Since the color-blind person has never seen color, he could argue that the person seeing the leaf as green is crazy. The same is true for the other person. The one who can see color can claim the the color-blind person is crazy as he cannot see that the leaf is clearly green. In this case, both would be correct since they have different points of view.

So, your mind will work based only on the inputs that it can perceive from the 5 senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Your mind has been accumulating data since your childhood and it is assigning meaning to the things around you. You were taught that an apple is called an apple and that it is red. If you were taught that an apple is called a grape, you would be calling an apple a grape all your life.

Therefore, similar to the body, your mind gathers information using your senses and whatever you CONSUME using these senses, your mind becomes. You can not know the taste of salt until and unless you taste it yourself. I can bet you my entire life savings to try and explain the taste of salt to someone who has never tasted salt. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

What the body consumes

There are many ways via which we can provide inputs to our body. If we consider the body to be a machine, we will be able to understand it very well. Let’s analyze the body as if it were a machine. As we all know a machine has 3 parts, viz, Input, process and Output.

We give inputs to our body via various channels. We take air in via our nose and this air travels in our lungs. We take food and water in from our mouth and it travels through our stomach. We take input of the temperature from our skin and this affects the entire body.

The biggest source of input for the body is via our mouths where we put food and liquids. These inputs are then passed to the stomach where the food is processed. This output of the process is energy which is the released in the entire human body. Every kind of food that you eat will produce the corresponding type of energy in your body.
Body Building
Athletes stick to a particular diet as they need those particular chemicals, vitamins and nutrients found in the food sources that they consume. They drink special fluids which hydrate their bodies instantly to continue training further. They eat less fat producing foods so as to tone their muscles.

For an average person however, we eat a lot of junk food, we avoid exercise and that is the reason our bodies are different from those athletes. Basically what we provide the body, that is how our bodies will be shaped. Imagine a car for example. If you put water instead of fuel, it is very unlikely that your car will perform the way it was supposed to perform. Only by giving the right inputs, the right process will happen and the right outcome will be generated.
Junk Food
So, if you want to have better skin, eat lots of fruits and juicy fruits. If you want good blood circulation, eat lots of green vegetables and so on. In short, your body becomes what it consumes. What you consume is the only thing that will be available in your body.

What does the mind consume

This is a tricky area to understand but a very important one to understand. You might ask does mind really consume anything? And if it does, what does it consume and how? A mind takes the things that you see, hear, taste, touch and feel as input. See your mind also as a machine. The inputs are provided by your organs. Not only the 5 basic organs, but also internal organs.

Take a simple jogging exercise as an example. Before we start jogging, our breath is normal and we are not sweating at all. But after taking a small jog, we notice that our breaths are faster and shorter taking in more Oxygen and we start sweating. Now, did we force our body to breathe faster or to start producing sweat? No!

Our brains took inputs from our body. Our brains calculated that we are running and that we need more oxygen. So, the input was that we are using a lot of oxygen. The process then began to start activating your nose and your lungs to start taking in more oxygen. As an output of this process, you started breathing heavily. You can dissect all functions of the body in similar way to understand how things work and science has already done that for you.

Now, coming back to what does your brain consume. The brain consumes everything that you see, hear, touch, feel and everything as input. It then processes this raw data into meaningful data which can be used. If you read a lot of science fiction books and watch a lot of science fiction shows, you will notice that you get to see a lot of science fiction things all around. Since you have consumed science fiction images and videos via your eyes and ears, your brain will do things according to that information. You can not read a History book and expect to start understanding Math.

Whatever you consume, your mind becomes. Whatever you take in via reading, thinking, doing, feeling etc. is how the brain perceives your world. Let’s say you start drawing a sketch, you know how bad you will be on your first try. But if you keep practicing alone without any help, may be in a few years you become a great artist. However, if you start LEARNING how to paint via audio and visual cues, you will get the desired results much faster.

In short, you consumed information on how to make better sketches. This information is what will help you improve your sketches. On the other hand, if you learnt how to draw sketches the wrong way, you will always draw sketches the improper way. You will never make good sketches since the inputs were junk, similar to junk food.

So, there are two types of information that you can consume, one is good information that will help you prosper and become better and the other is junk information, which will ruin your mind. The decision is up to you to decide what kind of information you want to consume.

When you are sitting at home on a holiday, you can either choose to watch a random movie for entertainment or you can chose to watch a seminar for how to build confidence. It is what you consume will decide how you see things around you.


We become what we consume. This is true not only for the body but also for the mind as well. To be a better person, we need to start eating right for our bodies and consuming good information for our brains. Only by working on both of these things will you be able to develop yourself. Only by consuming the right content for your mind and body will you be able to live healthy. If you eat junk, you become fat. If you consume junk information, you become dumb and dull.

Make the right choices!

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