Testimonial 2

Sometimes in our lives we pray that someone shld LISTEN.
Listen to our deepest thoughts… thoughts that we are guilty of, scared of, thoughts that we deny…
Then we search for friends n peers who would connect with us to heal us…and make us relive our lives again.
And i was lucky enough to come across such a healer

Since our first session on phone, he grabbed the roots of my 10 years depression.
And we started working on it… It was just the second session when he smashed the reality at my face which i had being running away from… ignoring…
Since that session…i didnt frown!!!
The next day after session was my happiest day ever after 10 years !!!

One day swooshed away all the troubles…and gave me an insight on how to deal with the negatives!!!

Thanks Vivek!!! Thanks for being such an empath and understanding me like never before…
You are a Gifted Healer✨ and i do love my zindagi 😊

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