Testimonial 1

After I went through a professional failure, the thoughts of how I let everyone down, how I could not achieve what I wanted to achieve stuck in my head. All I could think about was this. Slowly I slipped into mild depression. I did not want to hang out in groups. I didn’t want to do anything, not even the things I used to love like reading, just felt like sleeping and thinking all the time. On the surface, I might have looked fine, but deep within me, I was totally stuck. I took professional help, but somehow it was not working for me.

Vivek was a part of the venture I started and he saw how I slowly went into my cave after failure. As he knew I needed help, so one day he visited my flat. It was after his visit that things changed for me. Many of my friends who knew I was going through trouble, tried consoling me by saying forget it, focus on what’s ahead. But somehow none of that advice stuck with me. How Vivek, approached me was totally different. Instead of talking about what I can do, he showed me things I loved. He put ideas in my head that I loved thinking about. A conversation with him filled some positivity in me. This was something which my parents and other friends have been trying to do but were failing miserably. I don’t know how he did it. He somehow got through me and got my head straight. After a long time, I was not dwelling on my failure and thinking about other things. It was such a relief to get out of my own head. The conversation lasted for only an hour but the healing remained. I felt myself a little better. And this little headspace which he helped me reclaim, helped me decide to get my life back together. Once I decided to get out of the rut, we had daily conversations where he taught concrete techniques of dealing with my own mind. Today, after 2 months of those conversations, I feel like myself again.

Vivek bro, you have a gift. It helped me when nothing else was working for me. Please use this gift to help others, as I know there are people out there who desperately need this.

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