Rubber Band Method
The Rubber Band Method

Hello fellow readers! In this article, you will be learning what exactly is the Rubber band method. You will learn how you can use this method to overcome all negative thoughts, patterns and behaviors.

Have you ever wanted to get rid of all the negative emotions that you have? Did you ever found yourself procrastinating a lot? Have you ever wanted to incorporate a new habit and failed to do it? Do you want to avoid being lazy?

If yes, then the rubber band method is perfect for you. This is a very powerful method for changing patterns of thoughts and behaviors.

What is the rubber band method?

Warning: – This is going to hurt!
This is a very simple method. All you need is a rubber band which you can wear around your wrist comfortably!
So, get a rubber band or a hair band. Make sure that it is not too tight on your wrist since you will be wearing this band on your wrist 24×7.

Once you have the rubber band, all you need to do is pluck the rubber band every time you have a bad or negative thought. Every time you feel lazy or catch yourself procrastinating, just pull the rubber band and release it.
The important part is that it should hurt! Yes, it is very important that it hurt when you release the rubber band on your wrist.
Seems stupid right? Well, it’s not. Let’s look at why it is a great technique for getting rid of negative thoughts.

How does it work?

To understand this method, you need to understand how your mind works.
Your mind and body work on a simple principle of “Reward and Punishment”. What is reward and punishment you ask? In simple terms, you feel good when you receive a reward and feel bad when you get a punishment. This is why there are always rewards for a good behavior and punishment for negative behaviors.

Why do we scold kids who behave in an indecent way? Why do we give incentives to kids, such as – If you finish your homework, you will get a chocolate? It is because behaviors are created with the reward and punishment mechanism. If you want to reinforce something, give a reward. If you want to remove something, give a punishment.

Short term effects: –

When you snap the rubber band on your wrist, the first thing that happens is that you distract your mind from the negative thought. Your attention is drawn away from the thought to the pain that you are having on your wrist. This forces you to stop thinking about the negative thought and breaks your chain of thought.

When your mind is distracted by the pain on your wrist, you will lose all the feelings that you were getting when you were having negative thoughts. After this, you will be able to resume your normal life.

Long term effects: –

The rubber band method takes care of the punishment aspect of reward and punishment technique. Every time you have a negative thought cross your mind, you give pain to the body. Each time you act lazy, you give pain to your body. Every time you do something that you do not wish to do, you give pain to the body.
With each passing day, your brain will start associating negative behaviors with pain more and more. And our brain and body does not like pain. So, it will start to block out all the negative patterns before they begin to manifest in your mind. You will slowly and surely be able to stop having those negative emotions and thoughts.


What do I do after diverting my mind?

There are many follow up things that you can do once you have diverted your mind from the negative thoughts. If you are struggling with getting negative thoughts all the time, have a list of some good times of your life. Every time you feel the pain in your wrist, think about any of the good moments of your life. You will easily be able to convert your negative thoughts to positive ones.

If you find yourself getting distracted by that tempting cake during your diet, you can use the following method. Every time you are distracted by the pain, remind yourself what your end goal is. How many kilos do you have to lose to reach your goal? You will find that it is easier to stop getting tempted by desires.
There are so many follow up things that you can do based on what is it that you are trying to avoid using the rubber band method. Just be sure to have a positive thought or habit ready for the follow up.


First step: – Catch yourself having a negative thought/emotion/behavior.
Second step: – Snap the rubber band on your arm to get distracted by the pain.
Third step: – Follow up with a positive thought/emotion/behavior.
This is your 3 step simple method to overcome negative thoughts.

If you found this article, do share it with your friends and family. Also, do let us know in the comments if this method was helpful to you or not. Was there any habit that you were able to change?

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