iMacros Basics

iMacros is a browser automation tool that has a lot of potential if used in the right way. In this tutorial, we will be looking at the free version of iMacros. Also, since the latest version of iMacros does not support a lot of features, I am using 8.9.7 for this and all other examples.

Let’s start learning about the basics of iMacros.

There are 2 types of files that iMacros supports – JavaScript and IIM. The .iim file is the native file for all iMacros file. However, javascript scripts are also supported by iMacros. So, we can choose to code in iim format or JavaScript format. The choice is up to the user.

Since using JavaScript is so much better than using iim, we will talk about iMacros with JavaScript for all examples. Also, instead of giving the theory for anything, we will be looking at practical examples to learn how to use iMacros.

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