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It is a tough task to follow hundreds of accounts manually. You may want to try to follow a lot of accounts manually but there is a problem. Instagram has follow limits which does not allow you to follow a lot of accounts in a specific amount of time.

Therefore, to follow a lot of accounts, you will need to follow a few accounts and then wait for some time. Then repeat the process till you follow the maximum number of people possible in 24 hours. This is going to consume your entire day. This is the reason why it is best to automate the entire process of following.

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How It Works

This script follows the followers of any account that you have currently opened on your browser. You just need to specify the number of accounts that you want to follow and the time delay between each follow.

This script can easily run in the background so all you need to do is run the script and minimize the browser. You do not need to check constantly to make sure that the script is running. Just run it and forget it. Once the process is completed, you will be notified of the work. You can definitely check in the midst of execution and see the progress that has happened.


  • You must have installed Firefox Browser (Version 53.0) and turned off updates.
  • You must have iMacros extension for Firefox (Version 8.9.7) installed.
  • You must be logged in to Instagram.
  • The account whose followers you want to follow should be opened.
  • The account whose followers you want to follow should not be private.

Things to keep in mind

Instagram has a limit on the number of people you can follow/unfollow in a given span of time. It is up to the user to enter the time delay between each follow. Use your own experience and knowledge to find a good time delay that will suit your needs.
If you follow too many accounts in a short amount of time, the script will start following the same account over and over again since Instagram does not allows your account to follow new accounts.

Very Important: - The script works by automating the browser. Therefore, do not interact with the browser when the script is running. The process is completely automated so you do not need to press any button or perform any clicks. Just start by giving the necessary details and you can leave the script to do the rest of the work!

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