Junk Food
You become what you consume

The title might sound weird and might sound obvious to some. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Let’s have a look at how the mind and the body work so that we can understand what consuming means and how it shapes your life.

How the body works

If you eat a carrot, your body will absorb the nutrients in this carrot and spread it across your body. If you eat junk food, your body will absorb the nutrients from that junk food and spread it across your body. If you eat a medicine, the chemicals are processed and then sent to the required places for relief.

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In this article, we will go over the following things: –

  • Definition and misconceptions about motivation
  • Why you don’t feel motivated
  • How to motivate yourself
  • How to remain motivated
  • Bonus Tips
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Rubber Band Method
The Rubber Band Method?

Hello fellow readers! In this article, you will be learning what exactly is the Rubber band method. You will learn how you can use this method to overcome all negative thoughts, patterns and behaviors.

Have you ever wanted to get rid of all the negative emotions that you have? Did you ever found yourself procrastinating a lot? Have you ever wanted to incorporate a new habit and failed to do it? Do you want to avoid being lazy?

If yes, then the rubber band method is perfect for you. This is a very powerful method for changing patterns of thoughts and behaviors.

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Testimonial 2

Sometimes in our lives we pray that someone shld LISTEN.
Listen to our deepest thoughts… thoughts that we are guilty of, scared of, thoughts that we deny…
Then we search for friends n peers who would connect with us to heal us…and make us relive our lives again.
And i was lucky enough to come across such a healer

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Testimonial 1

After I went through a professional failure, the thoughts of how I let everyone down, how I could not achieve what I wanted to achieve stuck in my head. All I could think about was this. Slowly I slipped into mild depression. I did not want to hang out in groups. I didn’t want to do anything, not even the things I used to love like reading, just felt like sleeping and thinking all the time. On the surface, I might have looked fine, but deep within me, I was totally stuck. I took professional help, but somehow it was not working for me.

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Write a journal
Journal Writing

If you find yourself in any of the following situations: –

  • Constantly struggling to clear some space in your mind
  • Keeping yourself motivated
  • Being on track in your life or
  • Feeling as if something is missing in your life

Then, I believe that writing a journal is the perfect solution for you to fix all those problems.
In the following article, we will discuss what writing a journal actually means, how it can help YOU and how you can start writing a journal.
So, let’s begin!

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How to connect with your partner

Relationships are based on being connected to one another and not only on a physical level, but also emotional, mental and spiritual level. To build a healthy and happy relationship, it is exteremly important to get to know each and connect deeply with your loved one.

There are many things that we do not understand about our partner and those can be the cause of a lot of frustration. This article is aimed at helping you understand the techniques that you can use to connect with your partner.

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