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Whatsapp users and engagement has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the years. Everyone is looking for ways to tap into this huge marketing area.

Around half a billion people around the world are regular and active WhatsApp users. These users are sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every single day. It would be unwise for a marketer to not take advantage of this platform for promoting their product(s) and/or service(s).

The question that you should be asking yourself is : Are you ready for using Whatsapp for marketing your business?
For such marketers who wish to send Bulk messages to their clients, there is a great tool that you can use.

Here is a demo of the Whatsapp marketing tool in action!


1. Send PERSONALIZED messages to your prospects

The thing that makes the customers most happy is when they are referred personally instead of as a customer. For example, which of these two messages would make you more happy?The thing that makes the customers most happy is when they are referred personally instead of as a customer. For example, which of these two messages would make you more happy?

Hello dear customer. Thank you for shopping with us. We value your loyalty towards us.

Hello dear Tim Ferris. Thank you for shopping with us. We value your loyalty towards us.

As is obvious, when customers feel special, they are more likely to use your services and products again and again. I have seen many marketing campaigns where a generic message is sent to all the existing as well as potential customers. This might get some sales, but fails to establish a good brand.

Also, personalized messages are great when you want to send details such as coupon codes, discount offers or email address and passwords.

2. Create custom message templates

With this tool, you can create message templates that you can reuse to send. Instead of having to send the same message to clients with a different name or any other detail, you can create a template. Just save your message as :-

Hello ~customer_name~,
We would like to thank you for your last purchase of ~purchased_item~.
We are giving out a sale to our existing customer. Avail up to ~customer_discount~% on your next purchase with the promo code ~customer_promo_code~.

This will be your message template. You can then use this re-use this message template every time you want it. Just save this template and use it any time you want.

3. See Real-Time action on your phone

This tool runs on the official Whatsapp web interface. So, whatever the steps are taken, you can see them immediately being reflected on your phone. No need to wait for other companies to tell you how many messaged have been sent. Instead, you can just see the results directly on your phone as it happens.

4. Desktop based automation

If you were to normally use your Whatsapp Number for marketing purposes, your phone would be practically useless at that time. But, as Whatsapp Marketing happens on your desktop, you are free to use your phone.
As long as there is internet connectivity in your phone, you can keep using your phone for any regular purpose. The marketing would be happening in the background. You can check it immediately any time you want to.

5. Reduced cost of sending SMS

Your desktop operator would charge you a lot for sending out marketing SMS to your clients. For SMS marketing, you first have to register yourself for tele-marketing. Only then can you send out marketing SMS. Also, those SMS charges can cost you a lot of money.

Since Whatsapp is free, you are free to send as many messages as possible. You also do not need to have legal permission to send marketing SMS to your customers. Using Whatsapp as your marketing medium, you can save a lot of money.

6. Easy-to-use

When using a software, you usually have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it or even just get started. But this tool is so simple to start using immediately.

All you need is just get a list of your clients who are added in your Whatsapp account. Once you have that list, save it as a file with the phone numbers in each new line. Then save this file in the CSV format and that is all. If you have a CRM, you can just export the phone numbers to a file and that is all you need along with your message.

Once you have this file, just run the script and it will take care of the rest.

7. Pricing

The script is up for grabs for anyone looking to have a lifetime access to the tool. Just drop a comment on this page or on the YouTube video and I will get in touch with you for a demo.
In this live demo, you can see the tool in action and if you are satisfied with the product, you can purchase the tool.

Summing up

There are tons of more features which allow you to send multimedia messages such as images, videos, files etc. Just drop a comment and request for a free demo on your phone number.

Drop your email address in the comments below and I will be sure to drop you a message. You can also send a Whatsapp message on the following number : – +917048992249. If you wish, you can also drop an email on “access2vivek.007@gmail.com”.

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  1. Hi, Could you sent me demo to see its works for us. AS i come to know Whatsup blocking any number sending more then 500 messages a day. Is it auto script to send to all list of contacts. How fast your script work.

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